Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • MPC-3626 / VENICE 2
  • MPC-3628 / VENICE 2

The latest Version has been released.
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Sony is offering a system firmware update for Digital Motion Picture Camera VENICE 2 “MPC-3628”and "MPC-3626".

Sony highly recommends this firmware update for immediate installation on all VENICE 2 systems to ensure highest performance.

To improve the performance of MPC-3628 and MPC-3626, the updated software is released. (V1.03)

There are no new function added in this version(V1.03) from previous version(V1.02).

Applicable model
Digital Motion Picture Camera VENICE  2“MPC-3628” and "MPC-3626".

Applicable system software version
The applicable products have system firmware version “Ver.1.02”.
After updating, the system firmware version will be “Ver.1.03”.

<Improved ProRes playing back problem that occurs on rare occasions at the chance of playing>

Under ProRes operation, the video playback noise that occurs under certain conditions is resolved.

 IMPORTANT: Installation of firmware is at owner’s risk – please refer to our terms & conditions for details. Prior to installation always read installation instructions.