Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • VPL-BW7
  • VPL-HW20
  • VPL-HW30ES
  • VPL-HW40ES
  • VPL-HW50ES
  • VPL-HW55ES
  • VPL-VW1000ES
  • VPL-VW1100ES
  • VPL-VW200
  • VPL-VW260ES
  • VPL-VW300ES
  • VPL-VW320



Sony’s Projection Simulator helps installers to easily simulate required throw distances, optional lenses, and available lens shift ranges.

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We would like to extend our deep appreciation (iOS/Android) for a long patronage for Projection Simulator,
but we inform you that we will be stopped its support service since last June 30, 2021.

Please be guided accordingly in the following details;
◇ Subject application: End support service for Projection Simulator
◇ End of Date : June 30, 2021
◇ Warning: We will not respond to inquiries, bugs, or vulnerabilities. Please use it after understanding.
Thank you for your understanding.