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How to connect a portable audio player to a stereo system using an audio cable

    Follow these steps to connect a portable audio player to a stereo system.


    • Some products may not have a jack to connect an audio cable. For details, refer to the manual of each product.
    • An appropriate audio cable to connect between a portable audio player, such as a Network Walkman™ player, Net MD™ player/recorder, or ATRAC® CD Walkman® player and the stereo system is required to complete this procedure.
    1. On the portable player, connect the appropriate end of the audio cable to the HEADPHONE or LINE OUT jack.

      NOTE: The type of jack available will depend on the model of your portable player. For model-specific information regarding what type of jack your device has, refer to the operating instructions that were supplied with the product.

    2. On the stereo system, connect the audio cable to the LINE IN, AUX IN, or REC IN jack.


      • If necessary, switch the stereo system to the corresponding LINE IN, AUX IN, or REC IN jack that the portable player is connected to.
      • Adjust the volume level on the portable player so that the input signal received by the stereo system is adequate for recording or playback.