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The battery life seems too short

    First check the following conditions:

    • The battery is compatible and inserted correctly in the camera.
    • You use genuine Sony batteries. Make sure the battery comes from an authorized Sony dealer.
    • Let the battery charge several hours before inserting it in the camera.

    Furthermore the use of certain functions can greatly affect the battery life:

    • The ambient temperature is too high or low (below 0°C and over 40°C). Especially in low temperature surroundings the battery performance decreases. This is not a malfunction.
    • Use of the build in flash (if available).
    • Use of the movie recording function (if available).
    • Prolonged playback of files.
    • Frequent insertion/removal of memory card; using cards that have not been formatted over a long period.
    • Transfer of image/movie files from the camera to the PC via USB connection.
      Use of GPS and/or Wi-Fi (if available).

      Also note that:
    • Rechargeable batteries lose some of their capacity over time and repeated charge/discharge cycles. Replace them if necessary.
    • The battery can discharge to some degree even when the camera is not used and it is stored over a longer period.
    • Remove the battery from the camera if the camera is not used for a longer time.