ISLite Update for the CLIÉ Handheld PEG-N770C/U (UK model only).

  • This update restores the field mapping to Intellisync® Lite.
  • This update is not necessary if you have upgraded to the full version of Intellisync® Lite.

After installing this update, it is necessary to re-configure your Intellisync® Lite synchronization settings.

Download instructions
1. Prepare a new folder to place a file downloaded from the web - Name it C:\Download folder.
2. Download the following file into the C:\Download folder: ISLITEFM.EXE (362 KB) 3. When download is complete, open Windows Explorer and check the size of the driver - If the size is the same, your downloading was successfully completed. If the size is different, delete the file you have downloaded and proceed with the download again.

Installation instructions

1. Browse to C:\Download.
2. Double-click the ISLITEFM.EXE file.
3.At the Sony Patch window, click Yes to install the update patch.
4. At the Sony CLIE Patch successfully installed message, click OK.

File Info

File Name

  • ISLITEFM.exe

File architecture

  • 32 bit

File Size

  • 362 Kb

Release Date

  • 29-11-2002