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What to do if I experience issues after a software / Android version update?

    Despite elaborate testing by Sony and its partners, sometimes you may experience a minor issue immediately after installing an update.
    Most issues are related to:

    • A changed interface or functionality in your device. You can always check the Android website on what a new Android release offers. 
    • 3rd party applications that may not (yet) be compatible with the updated software version that was just installed. 

    You can easily solve most issues by trying these solutions:

    1. Update all your apps to their latest versions:
      1. Open the Playstore (use a wireless hotspot to avoid mobile data consumption) 
      2. Navigate to [My apps & games]
      3. Update all Apps listed 
    2. Shut down your device (Power OFF) and turn it back on. Check if your issue persists. 
    3. If your problem is related to the general usage of the device, launch (boot) the device in safe mode, which will temporarily disable all 3rd party installed apps.
    How to start my device in safe mode 
    1. Press and hold the power button
    2. Tap and hold ‘Power off’ icon until you see the message: ‘Reboot to safe mode’ and tap ok
    3. When the device has rebooted, please try to reproduce the problem in this environment. 
      • If the problem is resolved, please restart the device (press and hold the power button and select restart). 
      • If you're having issues with a (certain) App(s) or functions, check those apps or the ones related to that function.
        For example: in case of navigation issues with Google maps remove other navigation apps from the device
      • Contact the vendor or remove the 3rd party app that is causing the issue.


    If the problem still is the same, please restart your device (press and hold the power button and select restart), make sure to back up your device and try the next step.

    1. Perform a factory reset. 
      A factory reset helps to remove all traces of current or previous app installations, which is especially useful when dealing with a new Android version.
      Additionally, it clears all cache from the device. Afterwards, when you reinstall apps from the Play store, only compatible apps will be available for your device, avoiding any software conflicts. 
    2. Perform a software repair using Xperia Companion