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I can't update my Xperia smartphone using a computer

    • Make sure that the screen of your device is unlocked, and that [File Transfer] is selected as the [Use USB for] setting under USB Preferences.
    To set [Use USB for] to File transfer
    1. Make sure that your phone is connected to a computer using a USB cable.
    2. From your Home screen, drag the status bar downwards.
    3. Find and tap Android System next to  (USB icon).
    4. Tap [Tap for more options], and then select File Transfer.


    • When updating your smartphone software using Xperia Companion, make sure your computer has access to the internet.
    • If your computer has a firewall, make sure that the firewall doesn’t prevent the relevant update applications from running.
    Checking the firewall

    Check your firewall and make sure that the applications listed below are allowed to access the internet.

    • If you are using a PC:
      • Sony Mobile Update Engine.exe
      • Xperia Companion.exe
      • Xperia Companion Agent.exe
    • If you are using a Mac computer:
      • Sony Mobile Update
      • Xperia
      • Xperia Companion


    • If you are trying to update your smartphone when connected to a corporate network, you might be using a proxy server. Contact your network administrator for further assistance.
    • Make sure that you are using an original Sony USB Type-C cable specifically intended for your device and that it is correctly connected to both the phone and computer.
    • Make sure that the USB cable isn’t damaged. Try using another USB port on your computer or try using a different USB cable. 
    • If your device has a memory card, disconnect your device from the computer and unmount the memory card. Then remove the memory card from your device, and connect your device to the computer again.
    To unmount the memory card
    1. Find and tap Settings > Storage 
    2. Find and tap the triangle-shaped Eject icon beside SD card.