Article ID : 00160222 / Last Modified : 16/04/2019

Unable to properly display or use Video & TV SideView application on my tablet.

    If the size of your tablet is 7 inches, limitations apply to the Video & TV SideView Tablet version of the software. Please install the Video & TV SideView Phone version from Google Play.

    Notification to Android OS 4.0.x user

    Starting with version 4.0, Video & TV SideView for Android will only be available on Android OS 4.1 or later.
    Please be aware that if your device is running Android OS 4.0.x, you will not be able to run Video & TV SideView for Android Ver. 4.0 or any subsequent versions.

    You will still be able to continue running TV SideView Ver. 3.0 on Android OS 4.0.x. However, the Google Play will not provide any earlier versions of TV SideView, so if you uninstall TV SideView Ver. 3.0 from a device running Android OS 4.0.x, be aware that you will not be able to install the same version again.