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My Xperia smartphone isn't detected by the computer when connected by USB cable

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    Set your smartphone's USB Connection settings to Transfer data

    The following steps may slightly differ between Android versions. To learn which Android version your device has, find and tap Settings > About phone > Android version. If you do not see About phone under Settings, tap System.

    How to set your device to transfer data (Android 12 / 11/ 10 /  9) 


     How to set your device to transfer data (Android 8) 


    If you have a Mac computer - Use Xperia Companion

    If you are using a Mac, make sure that Xperia Companion for Mac OS is installed on your computer. Mac computers don’t support MTP, which is the extension needed for file transfer between a computer and an Android device.

    What if you don't see a connection notification?

    1. Try a different USB cable. Occasionally, Non-certified USB-cables or old USB-cables can only charge or transfer data, and can't do both. 
    2. Try using a different USB port on your computer. Don't use a USB hub or a USB extension cable.
    3. Restart your smartphone and your computer
    4. If your smartphone has a memory card (SD card), turn off your phone, remove and reinsert the memory card and try to connect it to the computer again. 
    5. Disconnect your smartphone from the computer and clear the cached data in the Media Storage system app on your device. (This won't delete pictures, music or other media). Afterwards, restart your smartphone and try again.

    How to clear Media Storage application cached data (Android 11/ 10) 


    How to clear Media Storage application cached data (Android 9) 


    How to clear Media Storage application cached data (Android 8)