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My tablet does not connect to my wireless network (P Series)

    My tablet does not connect to my wireless network

    If your Sony Tablet does not connect to your wireless network, please follow the instructions below. 

    1. Check the wireless setup on your tablet
      Note: This article assumes that the wireless network name, password, and security type are known and that the network itself is working fine. Other devices, such as a smart phone or notebook should be able to connect to your network. It is recommended to keep a written record of your wireless network details for later reference.
      1. On the home screen, tap ST apps button Apps and then WiFi-Checker.
      2. Tap Test and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
        [Image: Wi-Fi Checker]
      3. Multiple test runs and troubleshooting steps may be needed to resolve the problem.
        If there is no change in the suggested troubleshooting steps anymore and the problem is not resolved, please proceed to the next step.
    2. Check the connection with the tablet close to the router
      Note: Distance and obstacles, such as walls, floors, doors and appliances affect wireless connections. Other wireless networks can impair your wireless connection, especially when using the same channels. 
      1. If the tablet connects to your wireless network while it is close to your router, but not while further away from it, the solution won't be on the tablet's side and is out of scope of this article. It is recommended to test using other wireless channels and verifying the assembly and placement of the router's antennae. Please refer to your router's manual for more information.
      2. If your tablet still does not connect to your router while next to it, proceed to the next step.
    3. Check if your router uses MAC-address filtering
      Note: MAC address filtering uses a network adapter's hardware address to allow or deny access. This is configured in your router's configuration panel.
      1. If you have previously added other wireless devices or allowed friends to use your wireless network without having to make any change in the router configuration, we can assume that MAC address filtering is not used and proceed to step D.
      2. If you are not sure, please refer to your router's user manual and use the information presented there to either confirm that MAC address filtering not used, disable it or add the tablet to the list of permitted devices. To find the tablet's MAC address, tap Apps, Settings, About tablet and then Status. A popup window will open, scroll down to see the Wi-Fi MAC address.
    4. Check if your Sony Tablet is using the current System Update
      1. Tap Apps, Settings and then About tablet.
      2. If  Android version 3.2.1 (or higher) is installed, move to step E below.
      3. If your tablet is running an older version, please update to the current version.
        • The update instructions are provided on this website in the update tab of the section for your model.
        • If the connection to your wireless network is not working reliably even while you are close to the router, please use a network in another location to perform the update.
    5. Reset the Wi-Fi module
      1. On the home screen, tap Apps, then Settings and then Wireless & networks.
      2. Tap Wi-Fi to disable Wi-Fi.
        Note: A green check mark indicates that Wi-Fi is enabled.
        S Series Settings Wi-Fi off
      3. Push and hold the power button until the popup appears and tap OK.
        P Series power button
      4. Wait until the tablet has shut down, then press the power button again.
      5. When the tablet has started, tap Apps, Settings and then Wireless & networks again.
      6. Tap Wi-Fi to enable Wi-Fi.
      7. If your tablet still does not connect to your wireless network, proceed to the next step.
    6. Reset the tablet
      1. Close your tablet and turn it upside down
      2. Press the indicated buttons to release the bottom cover and set it aside.
      3. Then lift up the battery as indicated below and remove it.

        P Series bottom cover release buttonsP Series battery removal
      4. Wait for 5 seconds, then insert the battery again and re-attach the bottom cover.
      5. Push the power button and wait until the tablet has restarted.
      6. If your tablet still does not connect to your wireless network, proceed to the next step.
    7. Do a factory reset
      Note: a factory reset deletes all apps and their data, including your wireless network settings, Google and email account details and browser bookmarks. You can re-install your apps from the Android market after the factory reset.
      1. On the home screen, tap Apps, then Settings and then Privacy.
      2. Tap Factory data reset.
        S Series Settings Privacy Factory data reset
      3. Do not tick Erase USB Storage, unless you want to also erase data such as music and photos.
      4. Tap Reset tablet to continue.
      5. Tap Erase everything to confirm that you are aware data will be deleted.
      6. After a few seconds, the tablet will shutdown.
      7. Follow the start up wizard, including the wireless network configuration.
      8. Test if your tablet now connects to your wireless network.
      9. If the issue is not resolved, a repair may be necessary.
        Please use the contact option on this page to get in touch with us.