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How to scan a QR code with your Xperia smartphone camera

    What is a QR code: Practical uses explained

    A QR or Quick Response code is a two-dimensional bar code that you can scan to access a website, an application, or other media. It’s like scanning a bar code in a supermarket, but better.

    When can I use a QR code? 

    The fun bit is that you can generate a QR code yourself. Below is a QR code generated using a free online QR Code generator. Scanning it will take you to the Sony support website. 

    QR Code image. Scan it with your mobile phone to go to the Sony support website.

    How to scan a QR code on your smartphone?

    In modern smartphones, scanning a QR code is easy. Follow these steps:

    1. Open the Camera App: Simply launch your phone's Camera app.

    2. Focus on the QR Code: Point your camera at the QR code you want to scan. Make sure it's within the camera frame.

    3. Wait for the Pop-Up: Once your camera recognises the QR code, a pop-up notification will appear on your screen.

    4. Tap to Access: Tap on the pop-up notification to access the information stored in the QR code. Happy scanning!

    QR Code reader pop-up on an Xperia screen after focusing the camera on a QR code.

    Note for Xperia smartphones running Android 7 and lower:

    If your smartphone is running Android 7 or lower and doesn't have a built-in QR code reader, you can easily download a third-party QR code app from the Google Play Store.

    How to open a QR code saved in my smartphone's photo gallery? 

    No, you do not need a second phone to scan a QR code saved on your smartphone. Google Lens to the rescue:

    1. Open the Photos app to see the photos saved on your smartphone.
    2. Open the picture containing the QR code you'd like to scan.
    3. Tap the screen with the picture open. This will make options like Search, Copy Text, Share, Edit, and Lens appear at the bottom of the screen. 
    4. You can either tap Search directly or tap Lens → Search.
    5. Tap on the pop-up notification to access the information stored in the QR code saved in your picture.

    Google Lens allows you to Search elements (e.g., QR codes) in your pictures saved in the photo gallery on your phone.

    I can't scan a QR code with my smartphone. What should I do?

    If your smartphone doesn’t have a built-in QR code reader (Android 7 and lower), download a QR code reader app. Free apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  

    Here are some tips on how you should scan QR codes with your smartphone:  

    • Hold your smartphone about a foot away from the QR code when scanning. 
    • Slowly move your smartphone towards the QR code.
    • Make sure the QR code is clearly visible on your device's screen.
    • Don’t scan at an angle. 
    • Don’t shake your device when scanning. 
    • Place the QR code on a plain background without patterns.
    • Scan QR codes in bright lighting conditions.
    • Make sure your shadow is not covering the QR code.
    • Clean your smartphone’s camera lens.

    Your device will either scan the code automatically once your camera is focused, or you will have to press a button in your QR code reader application. Keep in mind that scanning and processing QR codes can take a few seconds.