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Xperia Transfer 2 app: How to transfer data/content from an old Android phone or iPhone to your new Xperia phone

    IMPORTANT:  Xperia 1 IV and later models do not support data transfer using Xperia Transfer 2. Please transfer your data using Google cloud services.

    The Xperia Transfer 2 app allows you to transfer data or content from your previous Android smartphone (e.g. Xperia) or iPhone when you switch to a new Sony Xperia smartphone.

    Make sure to also check out the following video tutorial for a more visual explanation: Introducing Xperia Transfer 2 by Sony Xperia [External YouTube link].

    Xperia models which you can transfer data to using the app 

    You can use Xperia Transfer 2 to transfer data to the following Xperia models:

    • Xperia 5 II
    • Xperia 1 II
    • Xperia 10 II
    • Xperia 1 III
    • Xperia 5 III
    • Xperia 10 III
    • Xperia PRO
    • Xperia PRO-I

    NOTES: If your new Xperia smartphone is an Xperia 1 II or Xperia 10 II, download and install the Xperia Transfer 2 app from the Google Play store before proceeding.

    How to use Xperia Transfer 2?

    Choose the appropriate section below, depending on whether you're transferring data from an old Android smartphone (e.g. Xperia) or an old iPhone
    Transfer data from your old Android / Xperia phone 

    Transfer data from your old iPhone