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My phone screen stays dark after I end a call

    When you hold your Xperia device to your ear during a conversation, the screen is turned off to prevent you from unintentionally activating the touchscreen. If you experience that the screen is not turned back on when you move the device away from your ear, try the following:

    • As a temporary solution, press the power key lightly. If the screen isn't turned back on, press the power key again.
    • Make sure that you have removed the temporary protection film that covered the screen when you first bought your Xperia device. The film is only designed to protect the screen during shipping and is easy to peel off.

      If you have applied a screen protection film on your device, make sure that it is specifically intended for your Xperia model. It is important that the screen protection film has holes that are accurately placed so that the proximity sensor is not blocked. To verify the exact location of the proximity sensor for your Xperia model, refer to the overview illustration in the User guide.
    • Turn off your device and then turn it back on. By doing this you turn off all running applications and free up memory, which sometimes automatically solves the issue.
    • Update your device to ensure that you have optimal performance and the latest enhancements.
      Read more about how to update and find the latest software version.
      It is recommended to back up and synchronize your important data with a Google account.
    • Use the Xperia Companion computer application to perform a software repair to reset your device. Note that all data is deleted from the internal storage of your device when you perform a software repair. Content that you have saved on an external SD card, such as photos, videos and music, is not deleted.
    To back up your data using a computer
    1. Unlock the screen of your device and connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.
    2. On the computer, select which files to back up, then copy and paste or drag and drop the files to a location on your PC.


    To back up and synchronize apps, phone settings, and call history
    1. Find and tap Settings > System > Advanced > Backup .
    2. Tap the switch to enable the function. Your app data, device settings, and call history will be backed up automatically.

    You can also enable backup from the settings menu in Google Drive. You can synchronize your app data, device settings, and call history automatically by logging in to the Google account used to synchronize data on your old device. When you power on your new device for the first time, log in to the Google account during the setup wizard.


    To repair the device software using Xperia Companion
    1. Before performing a software repair, make sure you know your Google account username and password. Depending on your security settings, you may need to enter them in order to restart the device after a software repair.
    2. Make sure that Xperia Companion is installed on your PC or Mac.
    3. Open the Xperia Companion software on the computer and click Software repair on the main screen.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the software and complete the repair.