Article ID : S700023682 / Last Modified : 22/07/2019

How to extend battery life

    How to extend the battery life of your tablet

    Here are some tips to extend the battery life

    Select a short backlicht duration (this can be changed in Apps - Settings - Screen)
    Lower the screen brightness
    Switch off Bluetooth when not needed
    When wireless is not needed, you can switch it off too.  Take into account that many applications do require wireless to be on.

    Some additional considerations

    Only use the supplied AC power cord for battery charging
    Do not charge the battery near a heat source or in direct sunlight
    For safety reasons, battery charging may be suspended at exceptionally high or low temperatures
    Heat builds up in the battery while it is in use or being charged.  This is normal and not a cause of concern.  If your tablet device or the AC adaptor becomes abnormally hot, shut down your tablet device and unplug the AC power cord from the AC adapter.
    For your safety, only use the supplied battery pack or an optional battery pack from Sony.