Moving it forward!
    Introducing Android™ 14

    The yearly Android update season is here! The long-awaited Android 14 brings you attractive new features with all kinds of updates and fun. You’re going to love it!

    Now, with Android 14, if you ever lose a device like your earphones, you can find it using the Find My Device app. Share files and photos between your Xperia device and Windows computer with the new and improved Nearby Share feature. More shortcut customization options have also been added for your lock screen.

    And as always, Android keeps the improvements coming on the entertainment front!

    Find your lost device!

    Many of us have probably experienced losing our Xperia device. But what do you do if you lose a device other than your Xperia device, like your tablet, wireless earphones, or Wear OS watch?

    Now with Android 14, you won’t have to despair. If the lost device is compatible with the revamped Find My Device app and signed in to a Google Account, the app can find your device and show you its most recent location. You can even use the app to lock your device or erase its stored data remotely.

    So even if you lose one of your favorite earphones when you’re out, there’s no need to panic. Just ask the app and you’ll get the help you need!

    Share Windows content wirelessly

    Sometimes in life, you come across tasks you don’t want to deal with. Transferring files, photos, or documents between your Xperia device and Windows computer is probably one such task. Who wants to go find a USB cable and connect your device to your computer and all that? Or do you usually email photos to your Xperia device from your Windows computer to show your friends when you’re out?

    Well then, you’ll be glad to hear that Android 14 has expanded the Nearby Share feature. Now you can wirelessly send, for example, photos from your Windows computer to your Xperia device, as long as the Nearby Share app is installed on your Windows computer.

    Clear your desk of all those cables and share files and photos to and from your Windows computer as you please. It’s that easy!

    Customize your lock screen shortcuts!

    It goes without saying that a customizable Xperia device lock screen is essential. After all, the lock screen is pretty much the first screen we all see each time we use our Xperia device.

    These very customization options for your Xperia device lock screen have been further expanded with Android 14. “Wallpaper & style” can now be used to easily make changes to your lock screen. From there, you can choose your favorite shortcuts from the different options, including “Do Not Disturb” and “Flashlight”, and add them to your lock screen as a left or right shortcut above the fixed Camera and Voice assistant shortcut icons.

    Maybe you’ll choose to make the “Do Not Disturb” setting a one-touch function for when you’re having a meeting in your office or when you get on a crowded train.

    How you choose to mix and match these shortcuts on your lock screen is totally up to you!

    Entertainment at your fingertips

    Even with all the new Android 14 updates we’ve mentioned, you bet we made room for updates to the Game enhancer, Photo Pro, Video Pro, and External monitor apps to ramp up the entertainment capabilities of your Xperia device. These entertainment apps have been updated with more advanced features so that you can enjoy entertainment features even more like the ones available on the latest Xperia devices, even if you're using an earlier device!

    The new feature updates will vary by device model. For more information and details, see “Changes after updating the software to Android 14” in your Xperia device Help Guide.

    Experience enhanced entertainment features at your fingertips with Android 14!

    Please note that this article is not product specific. Features and functionalities described may therefore differ depending on your device and/or software version.

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