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Xperia fingerprint sensor doesn’t work or stopped working

Why doesn’t the fingerprint sensor work as expected? / The phone doesn’t recognize my fingerprint, what can I do? / The fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly, can it be fixed?

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    This article will address some solutions you can try when your Xperia fingerprint sensor doesn't respond. Also, note that the fingerprint sensor is combined with the power button. 

    First off, you can run a quick test by using the Xperia Support app installed on every Xperia phone:

    1. Open the Support app. You can find it by typing in Support in the settings search bar. Settings → Support.
    2. If this is the first time you start Support, tap ACCEPT to accept the privacy policy.
    3. Tap the Xperia tests  icon at the bottom right. 
    4. Scroll down to Sensors, select the Fingerprint sensor test and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Let's continue with some troubleshooting options. 

    Restart your phone 

    1. Clean the fingerprint sensor gently with a clean and dry cloth.
    2. Restart your phone.

    If that doesn't work, move to the next step.

    Disable and re-enable "Trust Agent" in the security settings

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Select Security.
    3. Scroll down and look for Trust Agents.
    4. Toggle OFF Smart Lock (Google).
    5. Restart your phone.
    6. Revisit the Trust Agents setting and toggle ON. 

    Register your fingerprint again

    1. Clean the fingerprint sensor gently with a clean and dry cloth.
    2. Tap Settings → Security → Fingerprint Manager.
    3. Re-enter your PIN or password.
    4. Delete all registered fingerprints.
    5. Tap Add fingerprint and register your fingerprint.

    You can register up to five fingerprints. If the issue still occurs, try to add the same finger to Finger 234, or 5, but tap in a slightly different location on the sensor.

    How to place your finger for optimal registration  

    Perform a factory reset

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap System
    3. Select Reset Options
    4. Choose Erase all data (factory reset)

    Warning: This will erase all data from your phone's internal storage and return your phone to factory conditions. 

    Unfortunately, if all these steps have not solved the issue, your phone might need service.