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Error: NO SUPRT or --:-- is displayed when a USB device is connected to the car stereo.

    NOTE: Not all car stereos have a USB port. To verify whether your car stereo has a USB port where external devices can be connected, check the specifications.

    When the NO SUPRT or --:-- error message appears in the display of the car stereo and the music playback stops, unplug the USB device, wait approximately one minute, then plug the device back in again. Doing this will reset the USB connection and should correct any issue that may have occurred when you first connected the USB device. If this does not work, disconnect the USB device and power it off. Turn the USB device back on and then reconnect it to the car stereo.

    If the error message still shows in the display, the following are possible causes.

    • The USB device is not a supported model
    • The file system, USB connection modes, file formats saved to the USB device, etc. are not recognised
    • The USB device does not have updated firmware
    • The USB device is not operating properly


    • The supported file systems are FAT16/FAT32 (as of the spring 2015 models).
    • The compatible USB connection modes (MSC/MTP, etc.) and file formats (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.) are different depending on the model. Refer to the instruction manual of the car stereo that you use.
    • At present, any USB versions can generally be used, as long as the file system is FAT16/FAT32. However, when connecting devices with different USB versions, the data transfer rate will be limited by the slowest of the connected devices. In addition, all operations are not guaranteed.
    • For other compatibility information regarding USB devices, refer to the instruction manual of the car stereo.
    • You may want to contact the USB device manufacturer to verify that your unit has the latest firmware installed and is operating properly.

    If the USB Reading message that is displayed on the screen does not go away in a few seconds, do the following:

    1. Disconnect and reconnect the USB device and switch back to the USB source.
    2. Connect the device to the USB port with a different USB cable.
      NOTE: Do not use an extension cable or USB hub.
    3. Connect another USB device to the USB port.
      NOTE: If that device connects there is a problem with the other USB device.
    4. Reset the USB device that was connected.
    5. Completely disconnect the power of the head unit from the car.
      NOTE: Wait a few seconds and reconnect. If there is still a problem, service might be required.