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What’s the easiest way to pair my Bluetooth headphones with an Android phone?

    How to use Near Field Communication (NFC) to Bluetooth instant-connect

    1. Enable NFC  on your Android smartphone. If you have an iOS device, click here.
      • To enable NFC, Go to Settings → Device connection → Connection preferences → Enable NFC.
    2. Your headphones (left earcup) or earbud case are marked with an NFC logo like the one you see in the picture below. The back of your phone might be marked too. 
      Unlock your smartphone and touch the back of your phone to the NFC mark. The phone may touch the headphones or case. 
    3. Your smartphone will vibrate and automatically connect to your headphones via Bluetooth without accessing the settings or menu. 

    Become a pro

    • Your headphones do not necessarily have to be on! The NFC tag will trigger them to turn on. Remember to unlock your phone though. 
    • Repeating the same action will disconnect your headphones. It allows you to quickly switch devices.
    • Holding your phone close to a different NFC device will override the previous connection.

    Phone held close to the NFC mark of headphones


    Watch how you can quickly pair Bluetooth devices with NFC

    NFC explained

    Near Field Communication enables very short-range communication between devices. It has many uses, but you might have used contactless payment or swiped a public transportation pass to move through the gates: it's the same technology. 

    On your Sony audio devices, NFC tags aren’t used for wireless payments. They’re used to pair, connect, disconnect and easily switch Bluetooth devices by touching the N-Marks of both devices. Almost all wireless speakers, headphones, soundbars and Xperia phones have an N-Mark that can help you establish a Bluetooth connection, without going through the hassle of menus or settings.

    Does my phone have NFC?

    Almost all Android smartphones (Android 4.1 and above) support NFC. 
    Compatible Sony devices are all marked with the NFC logo  NFC logo . The logo shows the location of the NFC tag. 

    iOS does not support one-touch Bluetooth connection

    The NFC function of Apple iOS devices is not compatible with the one-touch Bluetooth connection. Apple iOS NFC technology supports other functions such as wireless payment.