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No picture or sound when playing camera or camcorder content on a TV via HDMI connection

    Make sure your TV is set to the proper HDMI input to receive the signal from the camcorder. Most TV remotes have an Input button that cycles from one input to the next.

    1. Press the Input button repeatedly until the correct HDMI input is displayed on the TV. Be sure to check which input on the TV you are connecting to.

      NOTE: The location of the Input button on your remote and the number and names of the inputs may be different on your TV.

      TV Input Select
    2. This may happen if both HD and SD recordings are stored on the recording media. If this is the case:
      1. Disconnect the HDMI cable.
      2. Turn off the camcorder for 30 seconds.
      3. Reconnect the HDMI cable.
      4. Turn the camcorder back on.
    3. If problem persists, check the video output settings of the camcorder. For details about the specifications and settings, refer to the manual or contact the manufacturer.


    • Not all cameras are capable with HDMI connection. To see if your camcorder has HDMI output, refer to the instruction manual.
    • Make sure the HDMI cable is securely connected to both the camera and TV.

     For tape type camcorder:

    • If the camcorder is connected to a monitor using an HDMI-DVI adapter, the sound will not be output because a DVI connection only supports video.
    • Video recorded in the DV format with copyright protection signals cannot be output from the HDMI OUT jack of the camcorder.