Article ID : 00055389 / Last Modified : 07/10/2019

The NFC function is not working with the smartphone or the tablet

    Align the NFC Mark (N mark) of your camera and smartphone, then touch continuously (1 to 2 seconds) until PlayMemories Mobile of the smartphone starts.

    NOTE: Make sure you have the PlayMemories Mobile app downloaded and installed onto your mobile device.

    If it still does not react, check the following.

    • If you are using a case for the camera or smartphone, the camera may not react.
      In this case, remove your camera or smartphone from the case.

    • If the camera is set to Airplane Mode, the NFC function is disabled.

      NOTE: Depending on the camera, Airplane Mode is not installed.

    • Check whether your smartphone is compatible with NFC.
      What is an NFC compatible smartphone?

      NOTE: The NFC function of Apple iOS devices is not compatible with one-touch connection. (As of June, 2016)

    • NOTE: Setting methods vary depending on the smartphone.

    • If your camera's Wi-Fi setting is OFF or set to Multi connection, PlayMemories Mobile cannot be connected.
      Set the Wi-Fi setting to Single connection.

      NOTE: Usable Wi-Fi settings vary depending on the product.

    You can connect the camera to a smartphone via QR Code in any of the following situations:

    • A QR Code appears on the camera's display panel when you select Ctrl with Smartphone on the camera.
    • A QR Code appears on the camera's display panel when you activate Smart Remote Control on the PlayMemories Camera Apps.
    • A QR Code is printed on the rear of the battery cover of the camera.

    Try the connection by executing Scan QR Code of the camera in PlayMemories Mobile.