Article ID : 00075561 / Last Modified : 28/02/2020

How do I record and play MP4 movies?

    Set Dual Video REC to On, and then start recording.


    • Movies are recorded in HD format and MP4 format simultaneously when Dual Video REC is set to On. You cannot record only MP4 movies with this camera.

    • Dual Video REC will be set to Off when Frame Rate is set to 50p.
      When recording MP4 movies, set Frame Rate as follows according to the file format setting.
      • AVCHD file format: set to 50i or 25p
      • XAVC S HD file format: set to 25p
        NOTE: Available file formats differ depending on the model of the camera.

    • If your camera has the Intelligent Active setting in the SteadyShot (Movie) menu, set SteadyShot to a setting other than Intelligent Active. Dual Video REC is not available when Intelligent Active is selected.

    Playing back MP4 movies:

    Movie format needs to be set to MP4 to play back MP4 movies.

    1. Press the (View Images) button to enter the playback mode.
    2. Switch the format of the movie to be played back by selecting the 4K, HD, 4K/MP4 or HD/MP4 icon displayed in the upper right of the playback screen.