Article ID : 00056649 / Last Modified : 21/12/2015

Phase Detection AF is not working with the mount adapter and an attached A-mount lens

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If the Phase Detection AF is not working when using the mount adapter and attached A-mount lens, check the following:

  • If you are using the LA-EA1/LA-EA3 with the ILCE-7RM2, when an SSM/SAM lens is mounted, you can select Phase Detection AF or Contrast AF for AF System in the custom menu.

    NOTE: If using the LA-EA1/LA-EA3 with camera models other than ILCE-7RM2, with an SSM/SAM lens mounted, the focus can be adjusted by using Contrast AF.

  • If you are using the LA-EA2/LA-EA4, you can adjust the focus using the Phase Detection AF that is built in to the LA-EA2/LA-EA4.