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VAIO Care, a new and powerful software application that helps you maintain, diagnose and troubleshoot your VAIO

    VAIO Care is an easy-to-use program that lets you tune-up, update and troubleshoot your VAIO computer with just a couple of clicks.

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    VAIO Care

    VAIO Care features:
    My VAIO VAIO Status, Manual and System Information
    System Care Checks and tunes up your VAIO to keep it running securely at peak performance
    Troubleshooting Helps you solve problems on your VAIO automatically within minutes
    Diagnostics Diagnostic tests for your VAIO's hardware
    Recovery & Restore Reinstall applications and drivers, Create Recovery Media, Restore your VAIO to its original factory condition or Restore Windows to an earlier state
    Contact Sony Connects with VAIO Support, when you need professional support.
    Options Configures VAIO Care to your requirements

    How to launch VAIO Care within Windows

    • Pressing the Assist Button: this will open the Troubleshooting section of VAIO Care
    • Clicking on the VAIO Care icon in VAIO Gate: this will open the One Click Care section of VAIO Care
    • Navigating to VAIO Care in the Start menu: this will open the One Click Care section of VAIO Care.
    When Windows does not start anymore:
    You can start VAIO Recovery Center by pressing the ASSIST button while the VAIO is shut down. VAIO Recovery Center will allow you to rescue your data and to reset your VAIO to its original factory condition.

    My VAIO

    The My VAIO section contains:
    • VAIO Status lists any remaining action items from previous system checks.
    • Using My VAIO offers the following options:
      • VAIO Control Center provides you access to VAIO specific system settings.
      • Windows Control Panel provides you access to generic Windows system settings.
      • VAIO Manual opens the operating manual for your VAIO PC.
    • System Information shows specifications and identifiers of your VAIO PC e.g. the Serial Number.
    Examples: You want to look up the Serial Number of your VAIO PC.
    You want to change the default behaviour of the touchpad.
    You want to know what the current status LED activity on your VAIO indicates.

    System Care

    The System Care section contains One Click Care and System Tune-up.
    1. One Click Care

      One Click Care checks your VAIO's security, makes sure it has the latest updates, assesses whether it needs a tune-up and issues the results in a VAIO health report - an easy way to make sure that your VAIO stays in top shape.

      One Click Care Options

      One Click Care is pre-configured to perform a health check and to generate a report on a monthly basis. You can change this interval to suit your specific needs in the Options Menu. To access the Options Menu, click on the gear icon  in the top right corner of the VAIO Care window.

      Example: You want to schedule VAIO Care to perform a health check every week.

    2. System Tune-up

      System Tune-up is a subset of One Click Care. System Tune-up defragments and cleans your hard disk drive and your Windows registry to improve your system's performance.

      Example: You have the impression that your VAIO is not as fast as it used to be.

    The troubleshooting section will solve problems on your VAIO automatically within minutes, for example sound and network problems. Select the category with which you are experiencing difficulties. VAIO Advisor will detect possible causes and will provide one or more solutions.

    Examples: You are watching a video a friend sent you, but there is no sound.
    You want to connect to the Internet via a wireless Hot Spot, but Internet Explorer cannot display the landing page of any website.


    The Diagnostics section offers Hardware and Software Diagnostics.

    1. Hardware diagnostics offers tests on a variety of hardware devices, such as processor, hard disk drive and memory.

    2. Software diagnostics offers the VAIO Startup Setting Tool, which lists and provides control over all programs loaded at Windows startup. When a specific program is suspected to be the cause of a problem, disabling the program allows you test if the problem still occurs without it.

      Note: Software diagnostics are disabled by default. To enable software diagnostics, click on the options icon in the top right of the VAIO Care window, click the diagnostics tab and check Show advanced diagnostics. Confirm with OK.

    Recovery & Restore

    The Recovery & Restore section contains Restore Windows and Recovery options.

    1. Restore Windows

      You can use System Restore to restore your VAIO's system files to an earlier point in time. This is a way to undo recent system changes to your computer without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents or pictures.

      More information about System Restore can be found:
      • In the Help and Support section: Click Start - Help and Support, type System Restore in the Search Help box.
      • In the printed Troubleshooting and Recovery Guide delivered with your VAIO.

      Example: You have installed several downloaded programs yesterday, and today your VAIO has become very unstable: it hangs and crashes frequently.

    2. Recovery

      The Recovery section allows you to:
        Reinstall Applications and Drivers
      • Create Recovery Media
      • Recover computer
      • BIOS Settings

      More information about VAIO Recovery Center can be found:
      • In the Help and Support section: Click Start - Help and Support - Recovery.
      • In the printed Troubleshooting and Recovery Guide delivered with your VAIO.

      Examples: You want to create Recovery Media.
      You have a yellow exclamation mark in front of "Intel Wireless LAN" in the Device Manager.
      You accidentally uninstalled VAIO Gate and want to reinstall it.

    Contact Sony

    The Contact Sony section contains model and serial number information about your VAIO. It also links you to VAIO Support and solutions from preferred partners.

    Click on VAIO Support to navigate to the VAIO Support website, where you will find the latest solutions, updates, drivers and contact information.

    Example: You want to check for the latest support news about your VAIO but cannot find the European VAIO Support website.