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Battery is discharging when VAIO is turned off

    Your VAIO will use some power, even if it is completely shut down. This is per design and does not indicate a malfuction.

    The two main reasons for discharging are listed below.

    1. Certain PC components require sustained power to maintain operability, including for example:

    • RTC (Real Time Clock), i.e. the mother board embedded clock, to keep date and time settings
    • EC (Embedded Controller), i.e. the mother board power controller circuit, to control ON/OFF function and power saving features
    • BC (Battery Controller), i.e. the battery pack microprocessor, to monitor the battery condition (charge level, temperature...) and to ensure the communication with the VAIO

    2. Lithium-Ion batteries continuously gradually discharge, even if the battery is not physically connected to the VAIO.

    The battery self-discharge rate will depend on the age and condition of the battery. Older batteries will discharge quicker compared to new battery packs.