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Release notice of security update program for VAIO personal computer

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January 20th, 2012
Sony Corporation
Sony Marketing of Japan Corporation
Sony Customer Service of Japan Corporation

Dear Valued Sony Customer,

Sony has recently identified a software vulnerability which involves a buffer overflow in the network connecting application software installed in VAIO personal computers, which have been sold during the period of June 2011 until January 2012. A security update program for this issue has been released and Sony recommends that all customers who have the affected VAIO models immediately apply the update program.

Affected software:
VAIO Easy Connect Ver.1.0.0 and Ver.1.1.0

Affected products:
VAIO personal computers on which the above software are pre-installed.
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  • CA Series
  • CB Series
  • EG Series
  • EH Series
  • EJ Series
  • EK Series
  • EL Series
  • F2 Series
  • J2 Series
  • L2 Series
  • SA Series
  • SB Series
  • SE Series
  • YB Series
  • Z2 Series
Potential influence
The vulnerability could potentially allow an arbitrary code to run on the affected products when browsing to a web-site made by a malicious attacker.

Sony has released an update program for the affected software that resolves this issue. All subject customers with affected products are recommended to immediately upgrade to the newest version of the application by using VAIO Update (the update will be automatically installed if VAIO Update is running with default settings) or by downloading and installing the update program manually.
How can you check if your computer uses a vulnerable version of VAIO Easy Connect?

Contact Window
In case of further questions, please contact Sony Support.

Sony would like to thank High-Tech Bridge SA Security Research Lab for reporting the relevant issues and working with Sony to help protect our customers.