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The VAIO Dictionary

    This article contains a list of VAIO-related technical terms.  
    Please take into account that for certain generic technical terms, a more detailed explanation may be found through a search engine or on Wikipedia.
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    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.
    This is an open standard which defines platform-independent interfaces for hardware discovery, configuration, power management and monitoring.


    Basic Input/Output System.
    It refers to a piece of firmware which is run when powered on.  Its primary functions are to identify and initiate component hardware, and to prepare the computer so that other programs can load.


    Digital Living Network Alliance.
    This is a standard used by manufacturers of consumer electronics to allow entertainment devices to share their content with each other across a home network.


    The ethernet port on your VAIO is the socket to plug a LAN (local area network) cable.  Nowadays every notebook comes with an ethernet port.

    Fn Key

    These are all the keyboard keys which are used in combination with the Fn key at the bottom left of the keyboard.

    Motion Eye

    This is another word for the built-in webcam at the top of the display.

    SFEP driver

    Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device [*SNY5001].
    This driver is required for functionality of specific components, depending on the VAIO model.


    See SFEP driver

    SPIC driver

    Sony Programmable I/O Controller device driver.
    This driver is required for touchpad functionality on specific models.

    UGX device

    This is the Bluetooth USB Controller.

    VAIO Event Service

    This application runs in the background, and manages functionality of the VAIO function keys.


    Wireless Wide Area Network.
    Mobile telecommunications technologies, such as UMTS, GPRS, HSDPA or 3G are used to connect to the internet.