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Use VAIO Care to keep your computer at peak performance

    To guarantee that your VAIO computer will keep performing well over time, Sony has created VAIO Care

    This program will:
    • Automatically monitor your computer's performance on a regular basis.
    • Provide summary reports of your computer's health.  
    • Provide access to easy-to-use diagnostic tools. 
    • Troubleshoot performance issues.
    • Locate troubleshooting advice, information, and instructions. 

    VAIO Care can be launched via the [Start] button of your computer (under 'Programs') or directly via the taskbar.

    Vaio Care button

    Certain VAIO computer models are equipped with an ASSIST button. Usually this button is located above the keyboard.

    ASSIST button
    • If your computer is OFF, pressing this button starts VAIO Care Rescue, i.e. the computer will boot to the VAIO Recovery environment and display recovery options instead of opening VAIO Care.


    As VAIO computers no longer come with recovery media, you can use the program also to preventatively create recovery discs, which can be used in case of a hard disk drive failure.

    Click here for a demo video on VAIO Care.

    Please take your time to go through below overview and discover all the interesting features of VAIO Care Desktop.

    Windows 8 users can alternatively use VAIO Care Metro, which is a light version of VAIO Care, embedded in the Windows 8 Metro interface.

    1. VAIO Care Settings & Help

    2. VAIO Status

    3. About your VAIO

    4. VAIO Software

    5. Troubleshooting

    6. Advanced Tools

    7. Contact & Support

    8. VAIO Care Metro

    VAIO Care Desktop

    Vaio Care main screen

    VAIO Care Metro

    Vaio Care Metro

    1. VAIO Care Settings & Help


    In Settings (suitcase icon) you can determine when to run status checks, set defragmentation settings or select the items you want to include when disk cleaner runs, etcetera.

    In the Help section (question mark) you can find the extended version of what is touched upon in this article.

    2. VAIO Status

    Vaio Status

    The VAIO Status panel summarizes the health of your computer system, based on the most recent status check. Icons in this panel provide status-at-a-glance in four important areas:
    • Messages: Shows the number of new messages waiting for you in the VAIO Care Message Center. Previously received messages remain in the message center until deleted.
    • Performance: Displays summary status and provides a link to detailed status of the major performance metrics measured and maintained by VAIO Care. 
    • Security: Displays the summary status and provides a link to your security application metrics, including firewall, antivirus, and antispyware performance. 
    • System Settings: Shows the summary status and provides a link to your Windows and user account settings, as well as your Internet security and connectivity settings. 

    3. About your VAIO

    About your Vaio

    This feature provides essential information about your computer and its key components and software, and how to get the most out of your VAIO computer.
    • System information: Displays a summary of your computer's hardware and firmware configuration, including hardware configuration and product information. Here you can for example find the model and serial number of your computer, which you may be asked for when contacting Sony.
    • VAIO Manual: This link opens your model's user guide so you can get started using your VAIO computer, customizing and exploring key hardware components and software features.
    • Registration: Is voluntary and does not affect your limited warranty rights. Registration will make you a 'Club VAIO' member, allowing you to enjoy exclusive benefits, e.g. creation of ownership records in case of loss or theft.

    4. VAIO Software

    Vaio Software

    You can manage and learn more about the special software included with your VAIO computer by selecting one of the following areas.
    • Learn about VAIO Programs: Find out more about the programs bundled with your VAIO PC and learn what you can do with them. Programs dealt with concern TV, Photo/Video, Music, Home Network etcetera.
    • Uninstall or Install VAIO Software: Manage all of your bundled software. Uninstall what you don't want, install what you don't have, and repair applications that are no longer working. 
    • VAIO Update: View and install software updates to keep your VAIO PC secure and running.

    5. Troubleshooting

    VAIO Software

    Click 'Troubleshooting' to identify a problem category. Then choose a category to display a list of issues, and then select an issue to launch a troubleshooter that either fixes your problem automatically, or guides you through steps to resolve the issue. 

    Problem categories include:
    • Programs & software: Operating system and installed software.
    • Network & wireless: Ethernet, wireless LAN, mobile broadband, and Bluetooth technology.
    • System: BIOS, drivers, and firmware.
    • Storage & media: Hard disk drive, CD/DVD/BD drive, and Memory Stick media.
    • Connected devices: Mouse, keyboard, video display, printer, touchpad, TV, and USB.

    6. Advanced Tools

    Advanced tools

    VAIO Care provides advanced tools to help you diagnose and repair computer hardware problems, and to help you restore your computer in the event of critical hardware component failure.
    • Premium tools: Provides VAIO Care-compatible premium PC tune-up and maintenance tools to help you keep your computer running efficiently.
    • Diagnostics:  Provides advanced tools to help you diagnose and repair your computer's hardware and networking issues. 
    • Restore and recovery: Describes how to set restore points and create Recovery Media, and how to restore or recover your main storage device in the event of a catastrophic event or hardware failure (see explanation below).
    • History: Logs and stores system events, such as software installations and updates, and maintenance activities, such as VAIO status checks. 
    How can 'Restore and Recovery' help me?

    Restore and Recovery

    • System restore: You can reset your computer to a previous, working state without affecting saved files.
    • Reinstall Applications and Drivers: You can reinstall the original, factory-installed software programs and drivers. 
    • Create Recovery Media: You can create recovery media that can restore your system and settings, in the event of a hard disk drive failure or other system malfunction. 
    • Recover Computer: You can restore your hard disk drive back to its original, factory-installed configuration. This option erases all personal files, customized system settings, and software installed after the purchase of the computer. 

    7. Contact and Support

    Vaio Care Contact and Support

    To allow quick and easy contact with Sony, the following options are available.
    • Contact Sony: Contact Sony Customer Support directly. Access customer support representatives by telephone, live chat, or other methods, depending on your country, region, or area.
    • On the Web: Contact Sony via the Internet, using your default browser. You can also download and view manuals and specifications specific to your VAIO computer model.
    • Other links: Access support information for third-party software that comes with your VAIO.

    8. VAIO Care Metro

    VAIO Care Metro offers a limited version of VAIO Care, focussing on support information. For more advanced applications, as Diagnostics tools and Software updates, VAIO Care Desktop must be used.

    Before connecting to the Internet, your screen will look as follows.

    Vaio Care Metro not connected

    After a connection has been established, a screen with VAIO messages will appear. Clicking this area, will result in a more detailed overview like below.
    For further details, please refer to the explanation on VAIO Care Desktop.

    Vaio Care Metro after connection