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Humming noise when connecting a VAIO to an external amplifier

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    When connecting a computer via audio cable to an external amplifier, there may be a difference in ground potential between the two devices.
    This may cause a few types of issues, such as:
    • humming noise from the speakers
    • touchpad behaving erratically
    When this happens, the best way to solve it, is by using a ground loop isolator, which interrupts the grounding of the audio cable.

    ><br> <figure>figure 1 - ground loop isolator</figure><br> <br> <warning>Important:</warning> <span style=we strongly recommend not to remove the grounding of one of your devices (VAIO or amplifier).  Doing this may solve the ground loop issues, but will endanger you and your equipment.  Without proper grounding, the risk exists that the complete electrical current goes through someone's body.