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How to troubleshoot battery problems

    Batteries are consumables, which means they are expected to require periodic replacement during the lifetime of a computer. For information about guarantee conditions for your battery, please consult the Regulations, Guarantee, EULA and Service Support booklet.

    If your battery is worn, you can purchase a new battery for your VAIO at the Sonystyle store, or a local dealer locator.
    In case batteries for your VAIO model are not available anymore in retail, you may still be able to purchase a battery as service part. Contact our services to check for prices and availability.


    You may be confronted with one of below battery issues. Click the applicable link for the recommended Sony solution.

    Battery looses charge when the VAIO is switched off

    VAIO notebooks may consume a small amount of energy from the battery even when completely switched off. This behaviour is by design and cannot be changed.
    If you need to store the notebook while preserving the battery charge, please remove the battery.

    Note: the boot process is quite power-intensive and may consume a considerable amount of battery charge.

    VAIO does not function anymore on battery or does not charge anymore

    1. Remove the battery from the VAIO and check the battery and the VAIO for damage, dirt or corrosion on the battery connectors.

      battery connector
      figure 1 - clean battery connectors
    2. Re-insert the battery and make sure the battery is well inserted and locked.

      figure 2 - battery lock
    3. If possible, test the VAIO with another battery of the same type to see if the problem is caused by the battery itself. If the problem lies with the battery, you may want to consider purchasing a new battery.
    4. If you are unsure where the problem lies, or have additional questions, please contact VAIO Support.

    VAIO shows an error message stating that your battery is not an original Sony battery

    WARNING: Third party batteries may not be designed according to the security guidelines, and may therefore be more susceptible to overheating.

    If you have recently purchased a new battery for your VAIO, and this message shows up, we recommend to return it to your dealer.

    In rare conditions, this message may appear with an original Sony battery.
    This may happen under following circumstances:

    • Battery is not correctly inserted and locked
    • Problem with the battery connectors
    • Issue with the internal memory of the battery
    If this happens, please contact the dealer where you purchased the battery, or contact VAIO Support.