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Information about VAIO downloads

    This article provides an overview of the downloads provided on our website.

    All available drivers and updates for your VAIO model can always be found in the Downloads section for your model.
    Depending on your VAIO model and its preinstalled OS, various subsections may be visible.  Below a small overview.

    Latest Downloads

    This section contains all available updates for your preinstalled OS.  Updates may be applications, drivers, component firmware updates and bios updates.
    These are added based on availability, and are mainly aimed at solving issues, or at adding functionalities.

    Most of these drivers are also provided through the preinstalled VAIO Update or VAIO Care utility.  We recommend to always install updates provided through VAIO Update/VAIO Care.
    Note: VAIO Update/VAIO Care is only available for the preinstalled OS, and is not supported if another OS is installed on the VAIO. 

    Preinstalled Drivers and Utilities

    This section contains all drivers and base utilities which come preinstalled on the VAIO.  These can be used to reinstall a corrupted driver, or if you want to install your own OS.
    We strive to make these available for every VAIO model.  

    Please take note that your original drivers can also be located on your hard disk, typically in folder C:\Windows\Drivers or C:\Drivers.  On older models you may find them on the recovery discs.

    Note 1:  it is not possible to provide support for these drivers.
    Note 2:  we are not allowed to publish original installers for 3rd party applications in this section.  The drivers and utilities we publish are meant to make your VAIO function correctly; not to recreate the original preinstalled environment. 

    OS Downgrade / Upgrade

    For specific models only, OS downgrade or upgrade drivers and instructions are provided.    To know which options are available, please visit the Downloads section, and check which Operating Systems are mentioned.

    All currently available drivers are posted in the downloads section for your VAIO.  If an OS is not mentioned, it means that drivers for this OS do not exist for this model.
    For Windows 8 preinstalled models: downgrade drivers are not available.


    Unfortunately we are not able to support or provide drivers for Linux.  You may find help from other users in the VAIO Discussion forums.