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How to troubleshoot CD DVD Blu-ray read and write problems

    This article will help you analyze an optical disc issue, and will guide you to a solution.

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    As there can be many sources for optical drive read/write problems, please go through the following list of suggestions.  

    Run the Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services

    This will determine if this is a software issue related to Windows configuration, and fix it at the same time.
    The tool can be found on the Microsoft website.

    Scratches / Dirt

    If the problem is just with one disc, inspect it for scratches or dirt.  If available, use a cleaning or scratch removal tool, and retry.   If possible, test the disc in another drive.

    Check compatibility

    Check the online technical specifications of your VAIO, and make sure the optical drive is compatible with the type of disc you are using.

    Check for availability of a firmware update

    Check the downloads section of your VAIO model, and check if there is a firmware update available for the optical drive in your VAIO.  

    Warning:  one VAIO model can come with different Optical Drive models installed. Before installing a firmware update, check the Device Manager if it is applicable for your model.

    Clean the optical drive.  

    Drive cleaning discs (these are discs with small brushes attached to the bottom) are available in most electronics or hifi stores.

    Use System Restore

    If the problem started recently, restore your system to a day before the problem started.

    Uninstall newest software

    If you have recently installed new software, which is related to reading or writing optical discs, uninstall it.

    Reinstall the drive in Device Manager:

    Access Device Manager, select each Optical Drive listed, and Uninstall it.
    Uninstall Optical Drive
    After all Optical Drives listed are uninstalled, reboot the VAIO

    Note:  the Optical Drive always uses a bundled Windows driver.  There is no downloadable driver for the optical drive.
    A Firmware update may be available.  Before downloading a firmware update, check the device manager if the available firmware is applicable for your configuration.

    Use the Recovery Disc

    Check if the VAIO boots from the Recovery Disc (or another bootable disc)
    If you have already created recovery discs, insert the first disc in your optical drive, and reboot the VAIO.  If you optical drive funtions, the system will start in the recovery disc.

    Warning:  selecting a full system recovery option in the menu will bring the system back to its original state, and will lead to data loss.

    Full System Recovery

    If booting from a bootable disc is possible, but the problem cannot be solved in Windows, a Full System Recovery may be advisable.  [addlink]

    Further steps

    If none of the above suggestions solve your issue, please check for other knowledge articles which refer to your problem.  If none can be found, you can contact our services for further support.

    You will be asked to provide the following information:
    • complete details about the problem (type of disc, error message, ...)
    • in case of disc burning problems, which brands have been tried?
    • Which drive model is installed in your VAIO?  Has firmware update been applied?
    • Was there a problem with any of the above troubleshooting steps?