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Faulty pixels policy - Tablet

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Faulty pixels policy

Background information

The screen of your Sony tablet is produced by highly accurate technology.  Even with the highest quality standards Sony maintains in its manufacturing process, it is not unusual for 1 or more of these pixels to be stuck in an unchanging state.

A faulty pixel can be recognized as a tiny black spot or a constant Red, Green or Blue spot. In most cases, stuck pixels are hardly noticeable and should not affect the display quality and working comfort. 

Tolerated faulty pixels

On Sony Tablets, the tolerated number of defective pixels is less than 0.0005% of the total.
If you are experiencing faulty pixels on your display, you can see below, depending on which Sony Tablet model you have, how many faulty pixels are tolerated.

Sony tablet modelTolerated amount of faulty pixels
SGPT111 / SGPT112
SGPT113 / SGPT114
SGPT121 / SGPT122 / SGPT123
SGPT131 / SGPT132 / SGPT133
dark dots: 5
bright dots: 1
SGPT211 / SGPT212dark dots: 5
bright dots: 0

Please contact Sony Tablet support in case

  • You have faulty pixels clustered in a small area, or
  • The number of faulty pixels is higher than what is calculated as within tolerance.