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How to determine if your AC Adapter is faulty

    This article will help you troubleshoot some power and AC Adapter related issues
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    Steps to determine a hardware problem with the AC Adapter

    • Check whether you are using the correct AC adapter for your model.
    • If you have a led on your adapter, it should be green when plugged into the mains.
    • Check that the wall socket the AC adapter is connected to works fine.
    • Check that the AC adapter gets warm after you have left it connected to the mains for ten minutes.
    • If you have a voltage meter, check if the AC Adapter provides correct voltage output.
    • Check for visible damage on either the AC Adapter connectors, or the VAIO AC Inlet.

    Additional troubleshooting steps

    • Disconnect the AC adapter from your VAIO and from the mains and then disconnect the power cable from the AC adapter.
    • Reconnect the power cable to your AC adapter and then connect the power cable to the mains and the AC adapter to your VAIO.
    • Leave the VAIO connected to the mains for 6 hours without the battery inserted, and then try to start your VAIO again.

    If further assistance is required

    If none of the above solves the issue, or you have diagnosed a hardware issue, please contact VAIO Link for repair.
    It might be necessary to exchange your AC adapter or to pick up both your AC adapter and your VAIO, depending on whether it can be confirmed where exactly the problem lies.