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Learn more about Intel Anti-Theft technology

    A. General questions

    1. What is Intel Anti-Theft technology?

      Intel Anti-Theft is a service offering multi-level security by combining chipset features of the notebook hardware with a web-based subscription. It protects private data and guards against theft with remote lockdown, encryption within Secure Data Vault, and other built-in theft deterrence capabilities. In case a protected notebook is stolen, customer can remotely lock it down and/or erase sensitive data stored in a predefined secure folder. Once the notebook is recovered it can be unlocked and the data recovered simply by entering the password.

      More information about Intel AT can be found on the Intel AT Website

    2. Which VAIO models support Intel Anti-Theft?

      Intel AT can be enabled only on supported VAIO models:

      • SVT11, SVT13, SVT15
      • SVS13 (European models only)
      • SVS15 (European models only)
      • Pro 11 & Pro 13
      • Duo 11 & Duo 13

    3. Is a subscription included with the purchase of iAT supported VAIO models?

      • All currently sold models are offered with 90 days trial version.

    4. Why do I see Intel Anti-Theft signup listed in the start menu and in VAIO Care?

      These entries are used to start the subscription to the Intel Anti-Theft service by clicking 'activate now'.

    5. Who provides technical support for the Intel Anti-theft service?

      Intel provides technical support for Intel Anti Theft Service directly. 
      The following support options are available:

      • Website:
        Visit and browse the FAQ section of the website.
      • Phone: Intel support line contact details
        • Local language support is available during local business hours for the following languages: English, Spanish Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Russian.
        • International English support is available outside of local business hours.
        • Intel is working to offer direct toll free numbers instead of the current dialing scheme.

    6. When should Sony Support refer the customer to Intel Support?

      Sony Support can answer basic questions as outlined in this document.

      For any questions not answered by this document, any issues the customer encounters executing these steps or further information, please refer the customer to Intel Customer Support.

    B. How-to questions

    1. How can I temporarily suspend Intel AT protection?

      Note: To prevent Anti-Theft countermeasures from engaging while a unit is being repaired, Anti-Theft services need to be suspended before a unit is picked-up. Units delivered to the repair center in locked state may need to be sent back unrepaired. Additional shipping charges may apply.

      Important: If Intel Anti-Theft cannot be suspended before a repair, the iAT password needs to be provided to the repair center. This applies when the unit cannot boot into Windows or the Synchronization with the Intel server does not work.

      Suspending Intel Anti-Theft protection is done in two steps:

      1. Visit
        1. Log in, using the e-mail address and password specified when signing up.
        2. Select the relevant device in the drop-down list on the top right.

        3. Click on the Suspend/Unsubscribe Service button.

        4. Click on the Suspend button in the pop-up window.

        5. Answer the Security Questions as defined earlier by the customer.

      2. Synchronize the Server settings in Windows
        1. Right-click on the yellow Intel Anti-Theft icon in the system tray.
        2. Select Synchronize Settings with Server.

        3. Wait for the synchronization to occur.
        4. Confirm that the Intel Anti-Theft icon turned Grey.

          Intel Anti-Theft service is now suspended and the unit is ready for repair.

      Important: If Intel Anti-Theft could not be suspended before a repair, the iAT password needs to be provided to the repair center. This applies when the unit cannot boot into Windows or the Synchronization with the Intel server does not work.

    2. How does Device Lockdown work?

      If you have lost your device or you believe it has been stolen, device lockdown can occur in two ways:

      1. You can set your device to lock from the Intel® Anti-Theft Service website and it will lockdown the next time it synchronizes with the service. Your device automatically synchronizes with the service when it is connected to internet.
      2. If your device does not synchronize with the service within the "user selected" number of days, the Intel® Anti-Theft Service will lock your device. The Timer Based Lock uses a hardware based timer that prevents an unauthorized person from defeating device lockdown.

    3. How do I lock my laptop, if it is lost or stolen?

      Please follow the following steps

      1. Log into your account from any PC
      2. Click on selected laptop
      3. Click on Lock ⁄ Unlock PC tab
      4. Click on the red Lock PC button and close the tab
      5. The next time your PC connects to the Internet and automatically synchronizes with the Service, it will be locked

    4. How do I unlock my laptop when it is found?

      Please follow the following steps

      1. Log into your account from a different PC
      2. Click on Lock ⁄ Unlock PC tab
      3. Click on Unlock button and close the tab
      4. Turn on your recovered PC
      5. Enter "1" to use pass phrase or unlock password
      6. Enter unlock password
      7. Your PC will now boot up normally

    5. My computer has been repaired.
      How do I make sure my computer is again protected with Intel AT?

      The scenario will vary based on the replaced component:

      • Mainboard
        • Uninstall AT Service using Control Panel > Uninstall or change program -> Uninstall
          • Intel Anti-Theft Service Secure Data Vault and 
          • Intel Anti-Theft Service
        • Restart the unit
        • Use Intel AT Service Sign-up icon (located in VAIO Gate), subscribe for the Service again.
      • Mass storage (HDD, SSD or both)
        • Sign in to your Intel AT account (
        • Select Reinstall Device Software Tab
        • Download Tool
      • Mainboard and mass storage
        • Use Intel AT Service Sign-up icon (located in VAIO Gate) to subscribe for the Service again.
      • Any other components
        • Your Intel AT Service should not be affected. Please sign in to your Intel AT account ( and un-suspend the service.

    6. Where can I find the Intel Anti-Theft user guide?

      User guide can be downloaded from AT Intel website: