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How to quickly solve app issues on Android TV

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    How do we handle app problems on other devices? 

    Sometimes a smartphone app gets stuck or frozen. Maybe you can exit the app, but when you return, it’s still stuck. Merely exiting an app means that the app continues to run in the background. Genuinely restarting the app often solves the glitch or error. 

    To do this on your phone, you simply open the running applications tab and swipe upwards to close the app. It’s also possible to do this in the application settings. Even your computer uses a similar force stop that you can find in the Task Manager.

    On an Android TV, you can actually follow a similar method!

    How to force stop an app on your Sony Android TV?

    If you have a problem with an app on your Sony Android TV, the idea is the same. You can also access the application settings, find the app you’re struggling with, and use the force stop function to reset the app and solve the glitch:

    1. Press and hold the Home button on the remote control until the Apps window appears.
    2. Navigate to the app in the list you want to close.
    3. On the App tile, press and hold the “OK” button on the remote control until you see a menu pop up. 
    4. In the pop-up menu, select Info and press OK on the remote. 
    5. In the info section, select “Force stop” and confirm twice with the “OK” button on the remote.

    After force stopping the app, you can open the app and check if it runs as expected. 

    Other quick wins

    Alternative troubleshooting methods are: