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What is "Smartlink" and how to troubleshoot?

    The Smartlink feature enables TV and other external products, such as video recorders and DVD HDD Recorders, Set Top Boxes etc. to communicate with each other and provide easy functionality. Both products will require Smartlink compatibility and the designated Smartlink Scart sockets must be used on both products.

    Examples of features available using Smartlink

    • Timer event recordings
    • One touch PLAY
    • One touch TIMER
    • One touch MENU
    • One touch RECORD
    • Auto PRESET Download

    To confirm that your product has the Smartlink feature, please check the supplied Instruction Manual. Please also be aware that Smartlink functionality is only available via a Scart connection.  

    Other manufacturers also have this feature but may call it under another name, such as "Mega Logic" or "Q-link". For details, please check the manufacturer's Instruction Manual.

    For Smartlink features to operate correctly, it is very important to check that all the product menu settings and all product connectivity is correct. Please check the Instruction Manual.

    Smartlink requirements

    1. A fully wired Scart lead must be used and connected to the correct Scart socket (see instruction manual to identify the correct Smartlink Scart socket)
    2. Only the Sony STB (Set Top Box) VTXD800 has to have the Smartlink feature activated in its menu, all other Sony products with Smartlink feature will automatically link and communicate as soon as the Scart cable is connected.
    3. To "One touch" record or record a timer event directly from a TV or STB, the "TV DIRECT RECORD" feature must be activated within the recorder's menu. If you do not want the recorder to record directly from the TV or STB, then the "TV DIRECT RECORD" feature must be de-activated.