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INZONE gaming headsets: Frequently Asked Questions

    Experience enhanced sound immersion with our latest INZONE gaming headsets designed to draw you closer to the action. All INZONE headset models, including the H9, H7, H5, and H3, pack advanced technologies that give you an edge over your opponents.

    Refer to the comparison guide and FAQ sections below for more details on the features available for your INZONE gaming headset.

    Comparison guide

    Features and specifications


    What is the difference between 360 Reality Audio and 360 Spatial Sound for gaming? 

     How does the microphone work?

    What if my microphone isn’t working? 

    Does the microphone pick up external noises? 

    Do INZONE headsets use DSEE technology? 

    Is the sound optimised for PS5? 

    What can I expect after analyzing my ear shape via the Spatial Sound Personalizer app? 

    What is the sound quality like when playing different types of games (e.g. FPS/TPS, RPG)? 

    How many sound profiles can I create? 

    How do I adjust the Sidetone feature on my gaming headset? 

    Connectivity and compatibility

    Can I connect the headset to a PC or PS5 via Bluetooth? Or do I need to use the USB adapter? 

    Will Bluetooth support a 2-device multipoint connection? 

     Can I connect the headset to my smartphone using the cable?

    Which devices are compatible with INZONE gaming headsets? 

     What Bluetooth version does the headset use? 

    I understand that a Mac / Xbox is not supported, but what happens when I connect to these devices?


    Which sound formats are supported?

    Why does the USB dongle have a PS5 / PC switch?

    Is it possible to export/import sound profiles?

    Is Spatial Sound / Spatial Sound Personalization only available on PC with the INZONE Hub software?


    Can I replace the ear buds, or can I get a new USB transceiver for my headset?

    Can I customise the LED light colour?