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The battery does not charge

    NOTE:Check the following page for available batteries of your camera. Accessories Compatibility Information
    Select your camera's model name in Product Name then select Power from Category to display compatible batteries and chargers.

    Select your battery type and check following the procedures.





    N, D, T, R, K, X, G battery

    H, V, W, M battery

    Step 1. Check if the battery is inserted in the right direction.


    Step 2. If the CHARGE/Charge lamp flashes or does not light, the terminal may be dirty or there may be a problem with the battery.
    Wipe off the dirty terminal with a dry cloth, then charge the battery again.
    NOTE: Do not touch the battery terminal with your hands or any metal objects.  


    [A] This is an example of a clean battery terminal.
    [B] This is an example of fingerprints on the terminal.
    [C] This is an example of objects (or other material) stuck to the terminal.

    Check that there is no dust or foreign matter in the gap. If it is unclean, wipe it off.

    Step 3. For the battery, AC adapter, USB cable, and battery charger, use Sony exclusive goods. If you use a non-exclusive product, charging may not be carried out properly or may cause malfunction.

    Step 4. If you charge a battery which has not been charged for a long period of time or from a state of over-discharge, such as immediately after purchase, the CHARGE/Charge lamp may flash. In this case, remove the battery and charge again to resolve the issue.

    Step 5. In the following situations, you may not be able to charge normally. 
    Try to recharge under the proper environment.

      • The temperature of the camera is high just after a long shooting.
      • The ambient temperature is out of the range from 10°C to 30°C (50°F to 86°F).

    Check how to charge with your charging method.

    NOTE: Depending on the model, the charging method or accessories differ. For details on the charging method, refer to the manual of your camera.