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There is no image, the screen is blank or no sound is heard on the Clip-on LCD Monitor

    Follow the troubleshooting steps outlines below if you are unable to display an image on the clip-on LCD monitor.:

    1. Make sure the camera is not in power save mode.
    2. Make sure the HDMI cable between the camera and the clip-on LCD Monitor is connected as follows, and has not been disconnected:
    3. Try connecting with another HDMI cable, if you have one.
    4. The shooting image may not be displayed when using a camera that does not have the Live View function.
    5. Change the setting of the HDMI output signal on the camera.


    If there is no sound produced, make sure that the:

    1. Headphones are working and has not been disconnected.
    2. Volume is not set to mute on the clip-on LCD monitor.

    NOTE: Some camera models do not output an audio signal through HDMI recording.

    For information about the different features and how to operate your camera, refer to the instruction manual that was supplied with the product, or by visiting the Sony Support website.