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What is the difference between the LA-EA1, LA-EA2, LA-EA3, and LA-EA4 lens mount adapters?

    Please refer to the table below for differences between the lens mount adapters.

    You can find out about compatibility between the cameras and lenses by clicking on this link. 






    Auto focus (AF)Only available with SAM/SSM lenses Available for all lensesOnly available with SAM/SSM lenses Available for all lenses
    AF systemContrast AFPhase-detection AFContrast AFPhase-detection AF
    FormatSupports APS-C sensorSupports APS-C sensorSupports 35mm Full-frame sensorSupports 35mm Full-frame sensor


    • Because the LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 support 35mm full-frame sensors, the light passage on these adapters is larger than the LA-EA1 and LA-EA2, which causes vignetting.
    • If you are using the NEX-3, C3, 5 or the NEX-VG10, a firmware update for the lens and/or the adapter is required.