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Notice of free-of-charge repair for a limited amount of α9 (ILCE-9) camera units identifiable by serial number

    January 16, 2018

    Thank you for your interest in Sony products.

    We have found that, in a select amount of α9 (ILCE-9) camera units, the Multi Interface Shoe may become loose in a specific set of circumstances when an optional large flash unit is attached and high pressure is applied to it.

    If your camera is confirmed as being amongst the impacted units, as identified by its serial number, and you encounter this phenomenon while using the camera, we will offer you a free repair. You can find more information on checking the serial number of your camera and the phenomenon below.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Applicable Model

    Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera α9 (ILCE-9)

    Applicable Serial Numbers

    Only a limited amount of ILCE-9 cameras can potentially be affected by this phenomenon. If you are experiencing this issue, please verify whether your unit is eligible for the free repair program using our serial number verification tool:

    How to check the serial number?

    The serial number is inscribed on the model plate located on the bottom of the camera.

    Serial Number Location

    The serial number is a 7-digit number.


    The Multi Interface Shoe may become loose in rare cases when an optional large flash unit is attached and high pressure is applied to it.

    Movement direction (back and forth or side to side)

    Flash Movement

    Multi Interface Shoe

    Details of Sony's Free Repair Program

    If you encounter the phenomenon that the Multi Interface Shoe becomes loose while using the camera, and you confirmed through the serial number validation tool that your camera qualifies for our free repair program, please contact our Authorised Service Centre to proceed to the repair. The Authorised Service Center will repair your product free of charge.

    Authorised Service Centre in United Kingdom 

    Authorised Service Centre in Ireland 

    Authorised Service Centre in Estonia 

    Authorised Service Centre in Latvia 

    It takes approximately one week to finish the repair upon receipt of an eligible product.

    Application Period for the Free Repair Program

    The Free Repair Program is valid until March 31, 2022.