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Notice of the Battery and the Battery Life

About the Battery Life.

    Battery life and number of still images you can record

    The battery life and the number of still images you can record/view shown on the instruction manual are approximate values measured under a certain circumstance.

    The battery will run out quickly depending on the conditions under which you use your camera, especially in the following situations:

    • When the zoom is used frequently
    • When the flash is used frequently
    • When the brightness of the LCD screen is set to maximum
    • When you record a video for a long time
    • When you use the camera in low temperature

    Charging the battery pack

    • We recommend charging the battery pack in an ambient temperature of between 10°C to 30°C. The battery pack may not be effectively charged in temperatures outside this range.
    • Make sure the CHARGE lamp on the battery charger is lit when charging the battery pack.
    • Insert the battery pack into the battery charger in the correct direction.
    • The battery pack may not be effectively charged if the battery terminals are dirty. In this case, wipe any dust with a soft cloth or a cotton swab to clean the terminals.
    • The battery will be discharged even if you do not use it at all. Charge the battery on the day before, or just before you use the camera. 

    Troubleshooting of the battery charger

    • The CHARGE lamp blinks in two ways.
      • Blinks slowly: Turns on and off repeatedly every 1.5 seconds
      • Blinks quickly: Turns on and off repeatedly every 0.15 seconds
    • The action to be taken depends on the way the CHARGE lamp blinks.

      When the CHARGE lamp keeps blinking slowly
      Charging is pausing. This unit is in the standby state.
      If the room temperature is out of the appropriate temperature range, charging stops automatically.
      When the room temperature returns to the appropriate range, the CHARGE lamp lights up and charging restarts.
      We recommend charging the battery pack at 10°C to 30°C.

      When the CHARGE lamp keeps blinking quickly
      Check through the following chart.

      Remove the battery pack that is being charged and then firmly attach the same battery pack again.
      The CHARGE lamp blinks again:
      Install another battery pack.
      The CHARGE lamp lights up and does not blink again:
      If the CHARGE lamp goes out because the charging time has passed, there is no problem.
      The CHARGE lamp blinks again:
      The problem is with this unit.
      The CHARGE lamp lights up and does not blink again:
      If the CHARGE lamp goes out because the charging time has passed, the problem is with the battery pack first installed.
      Please contact your nearest Sony dealer in connection with the product that may have a problem.

    Effective use of the battery pack

    • Battery performance decreases in low temperature surroundings, so the operational time of the battery pack is shorter. To ensure longer battery pack use, it is recommended to put the battery pack in a pocket close to your body to warm it up, and insert it in the camera immediately before you start shooting.
    • The battery pack will run out quickly if you use the flash or zoom frequently.
    • We recommend having spare battery packs handy for two or three times the expected shooting time, and making trial shots before taking the actual shots.
    • Do not expose the battery pack to water. The battery pack is not water-resistant.
    • Do not leave the battery pack in extremely hot places, such as in a car or under direct sunlight.
    • Be sure to turn off the camera when not shooting or playing back on your camera.

    Storage of the battery pack

    • Fully discharge the battery pack before storing and store it in a cool, dry place. To maintain the battery pack’s function, fully charge the battery pack and then fully discharge it on the camera at least once a year while storing.
    • To use the battery pack up, leave the camera in slideshow playback mode until the power goes off.
    • To prevent staining the terminal, short-circuiting, etc., be sure to put the battery pack in a plastic bag to avoid contact with metallic substance when carrying or storing.

    Battery life 

    • The battery life is limited. Battery capacity decreases over time and through repeated use. If decreased usage time between charges becomes significant, it is probably time to replace it with a new one.
    • The battery life varies according to how it is stored and the operating conditions and environment in which each battery pack is used.

    Counterfeit battery packs

    Sony has become aware that there are certain battery packs available in the market which look almost identical to a genuine Sony battery pack but are counterfeit and that such battery packs may cause safety dangers such as overheating/catching on fire or battery pack disintegration.

    Some of these battery packs may not comply with the Sony quality standards, specifications and requirements for long-time, high-power usages of rechargeable batteries and may cause a failure or an accident that may lead to bodily injury and/or property damage.

    For your safety, we would like to remind you to only use genuine Sony rechargeable battery packs for Sony Camcorders and Digital Still Cameras. Sony will not accept responsibility for any damages or failures caused by non-genuine battery packs.

    CIPA: Notice Concerning Counterfeit Battery Packs