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A Wi-Fi connection cannot be established using PlayMemories Mobile

    This pertains to models that are compatible with PlayMemories Mobile. For details, refer to the instruction manuals of the camera and your mobile device.

    Various factors can cause this problem.
    Follow the following troubleshooting procedures below in this order.


    • With iOS, PlayMemories Mobile cannot be used even if it is started when the iPhone or iPad is not connected to the camera by Wi-Fi. With the camera set to wait for a Wi-Fi connection, connect to the camera by Wi-Fi from the iPhone or iPad's Wi-Fi settings, and then start PlayMemories Mobile.

      For information on configuring an iOS mobile device or Android mobile device's Wi-Fi settings, see the Q&A below.

      How to connect the camera to a mobile device to copy or upload images.

    • It may not be possible to play MP4 movies transferred with PlayMemories Mobile depending on playback application compatibility or the specifications of your smartphone or tablet.

    • The connection may be disturbed by obstacles between your mobile device and camera, the ambient environment, or a large distance between your mobile device and camera. In such a case, use your mobile device closer to the camera or connect in a different environment.
    • When using a Handycam

      • Ctrl with Smartphone is not available in playback mode. Use it in recording mode.
      • Set Image Quality/Size to MP4 before using Send to Smartphone.
      • To transfer images saved on a memory card, switch the Media Select setting to Memory Card.
    1. Turn off other devices.

      If there are other devices that can connect wirelessly, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., around the camera, turn off the power of these devices and then try to connect the mobile device to the camera again.
    2. Check the settings of the mobile device.

      1. Make sure that Wi-Fi connection is enabled.

        Check the SSID status of the camera from the Wi-Fi list.
        If the camera is out of range for Wi-Fi connection or Wi-Fi connection is not available, set the SSID again and then follow the connection procedure again.

        NOTE: If you are using an iOS device and No shooting device connected. Go to Wi-Fi setting on smartphone and select the shooting device to connect. appears, configure the Wi-Fi connection settings on your iPhone or iPad before connecting.
      2. Check the IP address setting, tethering setting, and airplane mode.

        Deactivating the IP address setting, tethering setting, and airplane mode may solve the problem. For information on how to change these settings, refer to the instruction manual of your smartphone or tablet.

    3. Turn off the camera and mobile device and then turn them on again.

      Turn off the camera, remove and reattach the battery pack, and then turn on the camera again.
      Also try to establish a Wi-Fi connection after turning off the mobile device power and turning it back on.

    4. Reset the network settings on the camera and then follow the Wi-Fi connection procedure again from the beginning.

      IMPORTANT: Procedure to reset the network settings differs depending on the camera. For details, refer to the instruction manuals of the camera.

    5. Reinstall PlayMemories Mobile.

      1. Uninstall PlayMemories Mobile.
      2. Install PlayMemories Mobile again from the "Google Play" store on Android devices, the "App Store" on Apple iOS devices or the "Windows Store" on Windows 8 devices.