TV out patch installation instructions


NOTE: This solution applies to the VAIO models

  • PCG-FX105/108K/109K
  • PCG-FX203K/205K/209K.

This patch enables you to use theFn+F8function to display images properly on a TV connected to the TV out - This patch updates the video driver and the BIOS on your VAIO.

  1. Download Instructions
  1. Prepare a new folder to place a file downloaded from the web - Name itDownload.
  2. Download thePatch which solves problems with TV outfile from your models download section into theDownloadfolder.
  3. OpenWindows Explorer. ClickView, and then clickDetails. Check the size of the driver - If the size is the same as mentioned on the download page, the download was performed successfully. If the size is different, delete the file you have downloaded and proceed with the download procedure once more.
  1. Installation instructions

NOTE: Please make sure to have a blank floppy disk before proceeding with the instructions below.

  1. Log on as a administrator:
  2. Double-click theTV_Out_Patch.exefile.
  3. ClickNextat theInstallShield Wizardwindow.
  4. Make sure that bothVideo Driver UpdateandCreate BIOS Update Diskare selected.
  5. ClickNextand follow the on-screen instructions to complete the video update.
  6. ClickFinish.
  7. When requested insert the a blank floppy disk.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Press ENTER - AtQuickFormat another (Y/N)?pressNand then ENTER.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions and clickYes, I want to restart my computer now.
  11. DO NOT remove the floppy disk from the drive.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Let your VAIO reboot on the formatted floppy disk you have just created.
  14. TypeYwhen askedDo You want to update the BIOS?- Do NOT interrupt the BIOS update and make sure the AC power is plugged in or the battery is sufficiently charged.
  15. Wait until the BIOS update is complete and your VAIO has shut down.
  16. Remove the floppy disk and restart your VAIO - The video and BIOS updates are now complete.

File Info

File Name

  • TV_Out_Patch.exe

File architecture

  • 32 bit

File Size

  • 5.31 Mb

Release Date

  • 71-11-2002