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Applicable Models

This information is applicable for the following STR model(s):

  • STR-DA5600ES

About this download

  • Date released:25/03/2015
  • Do I need to update?: Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new STR model. If you're not sure,follow these instructions to check which version of firmware you have
  • Benefits and improvements:
    • Modifies the distribution method of SHOUTcast Internet radio.
      Note:This firmware update supports API change of SHOUTcast server. There is no change for specification of SHOUTcast functionality
  • Restrictions:only for use with STR sold in Europe. Not all models are sold in all countries


Install Setup Manager

To update your firmware you will needSetup Manager.If you have not installed Setup Manager it is available on the CD that came with your product or by downloading the installer package.

How to install Setup Manager Download Setup Manager

Download the latest version

  1. Read the terms and conditions and check the box to confirm that you accept them
  2. Click Download below
  3. When prompted, save the file to your Desktop

Install the software

Make sure equipment is connected

  1. With the receiver switched off, connect it your network using a LAN cable
  2. Make sure the receiver is connected to the TV
  3. Switch on the receiver and wait 30-50 seconds for the U-com communication
  4. Switch on the TV
  5. On the receiver remote control, pressGUI MODE. GUI MODE ONshows in the receiver's display window
  6. The menu is displayed on the TV screen

If your receiver has already been configured to connect to your home network, go to Update the firmware.

Connect your receiver to your home network

  1. On the remote control, use the Up and Down arrow buttons to select Settings > Network > Network Setup.Settings > Network > Network Setup


  2. On theNetwork Setupmenu, selectInternet Setup


  3. On theInternet Setupscreen, selectConnect Automatically (DHCP).The message "Connecting... Please wait." may appear.


  4. When the receiver has successfully connected to the network, selectFinishand press theEnter button
  5. On the remote control press theGUI MODEbutton.GUI MODE OFF shows in the receiver's display window.

Update the firmware

  1. On the remote control, press theMENUbutton. SelectSystem Settingsand then press theEnterbutton
  2. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to selectUPDATE(PC)and then press theEnterbutton
  3. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to selectPERMIT.
  4. On your computer, launch Setup Manager by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.How to install Setup Manager
  5. Double-click the Receiver icon
  6. On theSetup Managerscreen, move the scroll bar on the left to selectSystem.
  7. On theSystem Settingsscreen, to the right ofFile Path, clickBrowseto locate the downloaded firmware update
  8. ClickStart Update.
  9. On theStart Updatescreen, clickYesto start the update process. This update takes 15-30 minutes to complete.
    Note:TheMULTI CHANNEL DECODINGlight on the front panel of the receiver will flash during the update. When the update is complete the light will stop flashing
  10. After the update completes, clickExit.
  11. Switch off the receiver and disconnect it from the computer
  12. The firmware update is complete

Check your receiver's current firmware version

  1. On the receiver remote control, pressGUI MODE. GUI MODE ONshows in the receiver's display window
  2. The menu is displayed on the TV screen
  3. On the remote control, press theMENUbutton. Press the Up/Down arrow buttons to selectSystem Settings, and then press theEnterbutton
  4. Use the Up/Down arrow buttons to selectVERSION will display the current firmware version

Questions & Answers

If the update fails:

  1. Check that you have downloaded the correct file for your receiver
  2. Check your firewall settings. Firewall software may block Setup Manager.
    • Using Windows Firewall:Add Setup Manager to Windows Firewall's exception settings in the Control Panel
    • Using other firewall programs:Disable the firewall or register Setup Manager as a permitted application. See your firewall program's Help for details of how to do this

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