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About this download

Please read carefully the following instructions in order to install the update program properly.

Applicable Models

SonicStage Simpler Burner Ver.1.1 which is bundled with ATRAC CD Walkman [D-NE10/NE800/NE900/NE300/NE300CK/NE700/NE400]

System Requirements

Windows XP Professional / Windows XP Home Edition in which has SonicStage Simple Burner Ver.1.1 installed.


Resolved issues

System environment with Windows XP Professional Service Pack2 may fail.


Before Download

This update program is only for SonicStage Simple Burner Version "". Please check the version of SonicStage Simple Burner that is installed on your computer before downloading the update program file.

  1. Start SonicStage Simple Burner Ver.1.1.
  2. Click CONFIG button and select the Version tab - Check the version of SonicStage Simple Burner.
  3. If SonicStage Simple Burner Version is shown on the Version window, it is not needed to download and install this update program.
  4. If SonicStage Simple Burner Version is shown on the Version window, please download and install this update program.

NOTE: For Windows XP Home Edition / Windows XP Professional users, please log on with the Administrator group account when installing this update program.

SonicStage Simple Burner Ver.1.1 Update Program Download Procedures

Please follow the steps below to download the file:

  1. Create the folder named SSSB_Up in the C drive.
  2. Download the following file Update_SSSB1101.exe (1,716KB) in the folder that is created in Step 1.
  3. Upon completion of the download, please check the size of the file as follows, on the View menu, click Details in Windows Explorer.
  4. If the file size is same, the download has been completed successfully. Otherwise, please delete all the downloaded files and perform the download again.
Update Procedure

Once the download is finished, please follow the steps below to install the update program on your computer.

  1. Close all the applications that are currently open.
  2. Click Start and then click Run.
  3. Type C:\SSSB_Up\Update_SS1101.exe and click OK - The InstallShield window will appear.
  4. Follow the onscreen message.
  5. The message Setup has finished installing SonicStage Simple Burner Ver.1.1.01 Update Program on your computer is displayed when the update is finished.
  6. Click Finish.
After Update
  1. To check if the update program is installed successfully, follow the procedure shown in the Before Download section.
  2. If SonicStage Simple Burner Ver. is shown on the Version ofCONFIG window, the update program installation is completed successfully.
Important Notice:

Prior to downloading, you must accept the terms of the End User License Agreement below. After reading this agreement, click on "Download" to begin the download.

File Info

File Name

  • Update_SSSB1101.exe

File Size

  • 1.68 Mb