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About this download

  • Playing AAC format*is supported without any format change. (AAC format files in SonicStage CP can be transferred without being converted into ATRAC format).
  • The Artist Link Shuffle mode is added to the Intelligent Shuffle.
  • The clock display and calendar display functions are added. If you use CONNECT Player or SonicStage CP, the unit clock synchronizes with your PC when you connect the unit to the application software.
  • The screen saver can be selected.
  • Improved functions of the optional controller (RM-MC35ELK).
    *The following AAC files are supported by the unit:
    • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
    • Sampling frequency: 11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48kHz
    • Bit rate: 16 - 320 kbps, VBR (Variable Bit Rate) is supported.

NOTE:Copyright protected AAC files cannot be played back. It is not guaranteed that all of AAC files can be played back even if meeting above conditions.

Modified feature:

  • The sorting order is based on the album track number rather than alphabetical order when you select Artist ALL from the Artist tree of the List search.
  • The animation design which appears while the HDD is accessed is changed.
  • The resume track information reset is prohibited during the recharge operation.

Affected units:

Network WALKMANNW-A1000withfirmware version up to 2.01

Important Note:

Click the + button to read theDownload and the Installationprocedure.

Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click theDownloadbutton to download the program.


Please follow the procedure below to check the firmware version installed on yourNW-A1000WALKMAN:

  1. Press and hold theBACKbutton until theHOMEmenu appears.
  2. Presssettings, (up)/ (down)/ (left)/ (right)to select (config)and then press (play).
  3. Press (up)/ (down)to (Unit information) and then press (play).
  4. Confirm the firmware version
    • Create the following folder on the C:\ drive of your computer: :FWUP
    • Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page and click
      Downloadto download the program:

      NW-A1000_V3_00.exe - 6,037 Kb.
    • Follow the instructions and save the program toC:\FWUP
    • Check that the downloaded file is 6,037 Kb. If not, delete the file and repeat the download steps.

Upgrade Procedure

Once the download is finished, please follow the steps below to upgrade the program.

Before updating the firmware, return all music files and data files of the unit to the computer. After firmware is updated, it may not be possible to use the music files and data files on the unit. Sony is not responsible for music files and data files that cannot be saved on your computer due to the updating.

  1. Connect the unit to the PC.
  2. ClickStartbutton on the task bar and clickRun- TheRundialog box will be open.
  3. Browse toC:\FWUP\NW-A1000_V3_00.exein the Open text box and clickOK. The program will be started.
  4. Follow the following screenshots

    *If"Charge the device before performing the software update."is indicated, this means that the battery needs to be recharged. Then, update the firmware again.

  5. Accept the License Agreement and clickNext.

  6. Connect theNW-A1000to your computer and clickOK.

  7. Close all the programs and clickOK.

  8. ClickOKto start the update process.

  9. Safely remove the USB device from the computer and ClickOK

  10. After a few seconds the firmware will update automatically on the device. Once finished, it will restart. ClickOK

After Upgrade

Please confirm the version when the upgrade program is installed successfully with the above steps. The upgrade program installation is succeeded when "3.00" is shown on the screen.

Please accept the Disclaimer below to start the download

File Info

File Name

  • NW-A1000_V3_00.exe

File Size

  • 5.9 Mb