Applicable Models

This information is applicable for the following Network Media Player model:

  • NSZ-GS7

About this download

  • Name: REL11_NSZGS7_CEK_2205_136227_20130807_URSC_S67254
  • Date released: 12/09/2013
  • Do I need to update?:Your firmware may already be up to date; especially if you have a new Network Media player model. it's easy to check which version of firmware you have. Follow these instructions to check it.
  • Benefits and improvements:
    • This software improves the performance and stability of your Network Media Player.
  • Restrictions:This update is only available directly through the NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player. It is not possible to download and install this update using a USB device.
    This file is only for use with Network Media players sold in Europe. Not all models are sold in all countries.

Check the firmware version

  1. Turn on your TV and make sure it is tuned to the inputs to which the Network Media player is connected.
  2. Turn on the Network Media player and wait until the Home menu is displayed on the television before you continue.
  3. Use the arrow and ENTER keys on the remote control to select All Apps Settings,About, and then press the ENTER button.
  4. The firmware version installed on your device is shown as the Build number and has the format as shown below.

    The last eight number digits indicate the date, in YYYY/MM/DD format, when the firmware was created. If the release date on your device is older than the release date of the latest firmware, an update is available.


The procedure usually takes about 15-30 minutes. First set up the equipment.

What you need:

  • an Ethernet cable or WiFi connectionto connect your Network Media player to the internet
  • an active internet connection
  • a compatible TV

How to make sure the update goes smoothly

Updating is usually very simple. Here's how you can make sure it goes right the first time:

  • Read the instructions carefully or you could end up damaging your Network Media player.
  • Don't turn the Network Media player off - or disconnect it from the power - while it's updating.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is set up properly so that the upgrade is not interrupted.

Set up the equipment:

  1. Turn on your TV and check it's tuned to the input your Network Media player is connected to, so if the player is connected to the HDMI 2 socket, choose HDMI 2 as the input.
  2. Turn on the Network Media player.

Get the update:

  1. At the Home menu screen, use the arrows and ENTER keys on the remote control to select All Apps, Settings, About, System Updates, and then press the ENTER button.

  2. Select Check nowand then press ENTER.

    Note: If the message says Your system is currently up to date, your Network Media player has the latest firmware. If a firmware version is shown, an update is available.

  3. If an update is available, select Download and then press ENTER.

    Note: Please wait until the download step is complete. The download time may vary depending on network bandwidth.

  4. After the download is completed, the upgrade confirmation dialog will display.

Install the update

  1. Select Restart & install, and then press ENTER to begin the installation. Don't use or turn off the player until the update is complete.
  2. The Network Media player will automatically power off and begin the installation process.
  3. The Network Media player will automatically power on after the upgrade is complete and the upgrade completion dialog box will display on the television. Make sure OK is selected, and then press the ENTER button.

  4. Check the current firmware version to confirm that the upgrade has successfully installed.
    Note:The Network Media player automatically checks for firmware upgrades while the player is in standby mode. The upgrade confirmation dialog will be shown when an upgrade is available.


What to do if you have problems updating your Network Media firmware using the internet.

  • The power was shut down during the upgrade process.
    The Network Media player is designed to resume the upgrade process after the power has been restored. If the Network Media player becomes unresponsive, please contact Sony Customer Support.