About this download

Sony provides the "ICD-U60/U70" driver for customers who use an ICD-U60 and/ or ICD-U70 recorder on the Windows 2000 Professional or on the Windows 98 Second Edition operating systems. Please read the following instructions carefully to be sure you are comfortable with the installation process.

Additional Function

The following additional function will be added after installing this software driver:

  • ICD-U60/U70 can be used as a removable disk on Windows Explorer.

Target products

This program is for the following products:

Computer Specifications

Minimum system requirements:

  • CPU (processor): 266MHz Pentium II processor or higher
  • RAM (internal memory): at least 64MB
  • Hard disk space: at least 5MB free space
  • Sound Board: Sound Blaster 16 compatible
  • Display: High color (16bit) or more, and at least 800x480 dots


Before you start, make sure you are logged on to your computer with Administrator rights.

  1. Create the following folder "ICD_Inst" on your C:\ drive (C:\ICD_Inst).
  2. Download the file "UDriver_EN.EXE" and save it in the "ICD_Inst" folder.
  3. Upon completion of the download, please check the size of the file as follows:
    • Select View -> Details in Windows Explorer.
    • If the file size is same (261KB), the download has been successfully completed.
    • Otherwise, please delete all the downloaded files and perform the download again.

Prior to downloading, you must accept the terms of the End User License Agreement at the end of this page. After reading this agreement, click Download to begin the download.

Installation Procedure

Once the download is completed, please follow the steps below to install the ICD-U60/U70 Driver on the computer.

  1. Close all running applications and be sure that there are no other applications running in the background.
  2. Go to Start and select Run.
  3. In the dialogue box that appears, input "C:\ICD_Inst\UDriver_EN.EXE" to the text input field and then click on OK.
  4. Follow onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
  5. Restart the computer after completing the installation.

Check the installation

If there is a folder named "Personal Audio Driver" created in "C:\Program Files\Sony", the installation of the driver is completed successfully.

Important Notices

Please read the following important notices.

  • Please follow the download and installation procedures correctly to make proper use of this program.
  • This program is to be used on the Windows 2000 and Windows 98 Second Edition operating systems only.
  • This program is copyright of the Sony Corporation. It is prohibited to reproduce or redistribute this program, and this program may only be used for the purpose authorized by Sony.
  • Please use this program correctly and according to the procedure.

File Info

File Name

  • UDriver_EN.EXE

File Size

  • 264 Kb