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The package you are about to download contains the drivers that originally came preinstalled on your unit.
These drivers are automatically reinstalled on your computer if you perform a system recovery.
Find out morehow to recover your VAIO to its original state.

Furthermore, on most VAIO computers these drivers can be found on your Hard Disk Drive in one of the following folders: "C:\Windows\Drivers\Exe" or "C:\Drivers".

The drivers included in this package are not updated drivers. If you are looking for updated versions of the preinstalled drivers, please

  • in the Downloads section on the VAIO Support site, check "Latest Downloads" section, or
  • run VAIO Update

Important note:Above procedure is only applicable in case you uninstalled the original Operating System or deleted the "C:\Drivers" folder (recent models) or lost your Recovery CDs (older models).

File Info

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File architecture

  • 64 bit

File Size

  • 517.99 Kb

Release Date

  • 51-11-2010
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